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Zinc Oxide 99,5 %

The ceramic industry uses zinc oxide for many diverse applications. Ceramic tiles and frit enamels are probably the most well known. However, zinc oxide also plays an important role in ophthalmic glass. In decorative tiles, zinc oxide improves the brilliance of clear and coloured glazes. It is commonly used as a constituent in opal and alabaster glazes, improving their lighting properties and chemical resistance.

The fungicidal and mildicidal properties of zinc oxide make it an important ingredient in many paint formulations. Coatings formulated with zinc oxide provide biocidal functions, improve colour retention and the durability of the film under varying climatic conditions.

Rubber products represent the largest market for zinc oxide.From rubber tires and general rubber to latex compounds, zinc oxide is used as an activator in the vulcanization or curing process. It also adds strength to rubber compounds, improves their resistance to heat and abrasion and helps guard against ultraviolet degradation.

All of our Zinc Oxide products get produced locally via American Process (or direct) and French Process (or indirect) that entail melting and vaporizing zinc metal. American Process uses oxidised materials such as metallic zinc ash and French Process requires pure or secondary zinc metal like zinc dross and zinc ingot as the raw materials.

90% of our zinc oxide products have been already exported to the partners located in Europe, Middle East and Asia and the rest get sold to the manufacturers located in Turkiye. Main customers are ceramic, porcelain, rubber, tire, paint, fertilizer manufacturers. Our annual production capacity is around 17000 tons.

Zinc oxide (zinc white) is fluffy white powder used for a wide range of technical applications as follows:

Common Specification:

Product Name         : Zinc Oxide (Zinc White)

Appearance             : White powder

Grades                     : 95%, 96%, 97%, 98%, 99%, 99.5%, 99.7%

French Process        : 99.5%,

American Process     : 99.5%, 97%, 93%, 90%, 85%, 80%

Applications :

Accelerator activator, pigment and reinforcing agent in rubber; ointment; pigment and mold growth inhibitor in paints; ceramics, flor tile; glass; zinc salts (zinc stearate etc.); feed additive; semiconductor in electronic devices; electronic ceramics, raw material to produce zinc phosphate as steel coating.

Properties :

White powder; odorless; bitter taste; absorbs carbon dioxide from the air; has greatest ultraviolet absorption of all commercial pigments sp.gr.5.47; m.p.1975Co; soluble in acids and alkalis; insoluble in water and alcohol. Noncombustible; nontoxic as powder.

Packing :

As per the end users’ exact requirements; 25 kgs paper/craft/hdpe bags or/and 750 kgs, 1000 kgs, 1100 kgs, big bags (UN 3077), CP1 and HT wodden palettes with plastic hoops.

ZnO 80%min 85%min 90%min 93%min 97%min 99,5%min
Fe 0,6%max 0,5%max 0,25%max 0,2%max 0,1%max 0,015%max
Pb 4,5%max 4,0%max 2,0%max 1,8%max 1,2%max 0,2%max
Cu 0,6%max 0,5%max 0,24%max 0,2%max 0,15%max 0,005%max
Mn 0,1%max 0,1%max 0,03%max 0,02%max 0,01%max 0,001%max
Cd 0,02%max 0,02%max 0,015%max 0,01%max 0,01%max 0,008%max
Ca 0,2%max 0,02%max 0,15%max 0,12%max 0,1%max Nil
As 0,002%max 0,002%max 0,002%max 0,002%max 0,002%max 0,002%max
Al 0,25%max 0,25%max 0,15%max 0,1%max 0,05%max Nil
Ni 0,01%max 0,01%max 0,005%max 0,005%max Nil Nil
Sn 0,25%max 0,25%max 0,15%max 0,15%max 0,05%max Nil
Sb 0,001%max 0,001%max 0,001%max 0,001%max 0,001%max Nil
325 Mesh Residue 0,5%max 0,5%max 0,4%max 0,4%max 0,4%max 0,1%max
Surface Area 4,5 m /g ±0,5 4,5m /g ±0,5 4,7m /g ±0,5 4,7m /g ±0,5 4,7m /g ±0,5 5 m /g ±0,5
Humidity 0,5%max 0,5%max 0,3%max 0,3%max 0,3%max 0,18%max
LOI 10,0% ±1,0 8,0% ±1,0 3,0% ±1,0 3,0% ±1,0 2,0% ±1,0 0,18% ±1,0
Appearance off white powder off white powder off white powder white powder white powder white powder