Copper Ingot

Copper Ingot

Copper Ingot

Copper Ingot

Brass ash and brass dross coming out brass billet manufacturers get decomposed by the special mills first and classified first. Then, by remelting the brass ash and brass dross via industrial furnaces MS98 Cu, MS99 Cu grade copper ingots get produced at our own facilities.

Our annual capacity of production zinc ingots is around 6000 tons.

Copper ingots are being sold to worldwide manufacturers under the yearly frame contracts.

Common specification :

Product name    : Copper Ingot

Appearance       : Shiny, metallic red

Grades              : MS99 Cu, MS 98 Cu

Applications :

Appropriate for copper billet, copper cathodes,copper wire rods and other copper appliance manufacturing.

Properties :

MS98 Cu grade, 80 to 85 kgs ingots

Packing :

As per the end users’ requirements, on Euro palettes with steel hoop.

Specifications :

MS98 Cu Copper Ingot

Cu Min 98%
Sn Max 0,05%
Pb Max 1,5%
Zn Max 0,05%
Ni Max 0,7%
As Max 0,05%
Ag Max 0,05%
Fe Max 0,002%
Si Max 0,002%
Mn Max 0,002%
Se Max 0,002%
Al Max 0,001%
Cr Max 0,005%
Te Max 0,005%
Bi Max 0,002%
Cd Max 0,005%
Co Max 0,002%
P Max 0,002%
S Max 0,005%
Sb Max 0,2%