Zinc Ingot

Zinc Ingot

Zinc Ingot

Zinc ashes and zinc dross from hot dip galvanizing factories get decomposed by the special mills first and they get classified as metallic zinc ashes and zinc fine ashes.

By remelting the metallic zinc ashes and zinc dross via industrial furnaces, 99% Zn and 99.9% Zn zinc ingots get produced at our own facilities.

We produce remelted and distilled zinc ingots for galvanizing and brass industries. Our annual capacity of production zinc ingots is around 5000 tons.

Zinc fine ashes are being sold to feed grade zinc oxide manufacturers and Zinc sulphate manufacturers. Our annual capacity of production zinc ashes is around 5000 tons.

Common Specification:

Product Name         : Zinc ingot

Appearance             :  Shiny, metallic zinc

Grades                    : 99% Zn and 99.9% Zn

Remelted                : 99%, 98,5%

Distilled                    : 99.9%

Applications : Appropriate for hot dip galvanizing process and brass bilet, brass bar, brass sheet manufacturing.

Properties : 99%Zn ,99.9% and 98,5% Zn grades, 25 kgs ingots

Packing : As per the end users’ requirements, 1 ton bundles with steel hoops.

Zn 99,9%min 99%min 98,5%min
Al 0,001%max 0,05%max 0,05%max
Cu Null <0,001%max <0,001%max
Cd Null 0,0003%max 0,0003%max
Mn 0,1%max 0,1%max 0,03%max
Cd 0,02%max 0,02%max 0,015%max
Fe 0,002%max 0,1%max 0,1%max
Si Null 0,004%max 0,004%max
Mn Null 0,002%max 0,002%max
Pb 0,02%max 1%max 1%max
Sn 1%max 0,0005%max 0,0005%max
Ti Null 0,009%max 0,009%max
Cr 0,005%max 0,01%max 0,01%max
Bi < 0,0005%max 0,005%max 0,005%max
In 0,001%max 0,001%max 0,001%max
Tl < 0,005%max < 0,005%max < 0,005%max
Mg < 0,0008%max < 0,0008%max < 0,0008%max
Ni 0,003%max 0,05%max 0,02%max
Ag < 0,001%max 0,001%max 0,001%max
Sb 0,02%max 0,02%max 0,02%max